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Goodbye Scrappy Sisters

Goodbye Scrappy Sisters

It’s sad to say goodbye to Scrappy Sisters! I don’t like it anymore than you do. As some of you might know, I am/was the owner of Scrappy Sisters and we were having issues for a little while now. Every time we fixed an issue, another one popped up. After throwing in a good amount of money and rebuilding the website 4times again, moving to another server, rebuild again and so on. We made the hard deciscion of closing down. I felt terrible to my fellow designers for not being able to provide them a shop. I’m blessed to know every one of them was very supportive and understandable. We sure had a great time together and our sisterhood does not disappear anytime soon. It was a pleasure to work with such amazing artists close to my side. Wishing them the best of luck finding a new store.

So for the last week I’m doing a huge 50% off my entire store. I will be taking a huge break after this so I probably will not be joining another store anytime soon. I do continue my Project 2019 collabs with Dagi so they will only be available at Gingerscraps. Further I will create templates for the AL4LT blog train and Pixelscrapper Commercial Use blog train. So please, please, please make sure you download all and backup all before the end of Sunday February 17th.

Thank you all for the support and being a part of the Scrappy Sisters Community

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